Our Vision: 
SJS believes that most people would be happier and healthier in a society that enables everyone to understand and develop their full potential.  We believe that there are benefits for all in striving for systems that promote fairness and decency. We envisage more cohesive communities, stronger families, happier children and fulfilled adults through the creation of more equitable social policy. We live in times when the pursuit of economic growth at the expense of all else has led to insecurity,  fear and loathing. We believenow is the moment to genuinely do things differently.

Our Mission:
We are passionate about challenging poverty and inequality. We work with other like-minded organisations to create innovative solutions to social problems, particularly those experienced by people facing multiple disadvantages.

What we do and why we are good at it:
SJS offers consultancy, business support, training and research that reduces crime and social exclusion. We believe that a fair and equitable criminal justice system which addresses the underlying causes of crime will result in safer communities.
SJS draws on 25 years of experience and expertise in working with people and organisations to address the root causes of crime. We believe that social justice and criminal justice are inextricably linked. Prevention and early intervention are critical to success in halting cycles of inter-generational poverty, social exclusion and crime. We live in a society that takes a deeply paternalistic approach to welfare which is self-defeating in its failed attempts to move people away from dependency. We believe strongly that people who use services must be engaged in their design, delivery and evaluation. Personal development and approaches that increase the skills, knowledge and self-confidence for those who are most disadvantaged lie at the heart of any successful change model.

How We Can Help You:
Because we share their values, we aim to work primarily with clients from the voluntary and community sector. SJS has long-standing experience within the sector and we believe strongly that ‘not for profit’ organisations have something important to contribute to achieving social justice. However, in a climate where ‘payment by results’ and the development of competitive markets in the provision of public services is high on the agenda there is a serious risk that charities will be unable to participate. And, where they are able to participate, there is the risk that they lose the distinctiveness that differentiates them from public or private sector providers.
In order to not only survive but to achieve long-term sustainability, voluntary organisations need to get smarter. This means becoming more business-like in the way they operate but holding on to the values and ethos that make them different from the private sector. It also means retaining the creativity and dynamism that makes them different from the public sector.
We can help by providing support with:

  • Strategic planning
  • Business development
  • Fund raising
  • Measuring outcomes and generating evidence of impact
  • Communicating effectively
  • Training and organisational development

In a fast-changing environment where cuts in public expenditure are already having an impact on access to funding we provide affordable expert solutions, enabling voluntary organisations to go on doing what they do best – providing innovative, user-driven services that meet people’s needs and offer a helping hand to the most vulnerable members of communities.